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"Germanic Cacophony as a Sonic Signal of Deceit in Lolita."

The Explicator, volume 79, issue 1-2, 2021, pp. 56-59.

Publications and Conferences: List

Conference Presentations

“Reading the Body: Lady Delacour’s Theatrical Knowledge of Affect and Desire in Belinda.”

NEASECS/CSECS/ECSSS Joint Conference, University of Ottawa. 2022

Complicity and Corpses: Redefining Guilt and Absolution through Galvanic Resurrection in Frankenstein.

Southeastern Universities Graduate Research Symposium. University of Alabama. 2020

“Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Women as More than a Womb through Personal Narratives.”

Social Media Symposium. University of Worcester. Worcester, England. 2019

Mind and Matter: The Necessitarian Interchange of Imagination and Power in Percy Shelley's ‘Mont Blanc.’

English Honors Thesis Symposium, University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, AL. 2019

The Satire of Renaissance Humanism in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference, University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, AL. 2017

Hudson Strode Graduate Student Conference, University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, AL. 2016

Publications and Conferences: List
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